September 6, 2017 | Kelly Fischer

If you’re an empty nester like my husband and I, it might be time for you to consider downsizing.

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As you might notice in the video above, I’m sitting inside my son James’ old bedroom. It’s empty because my husband and I dropped off James at the University of Central Florida this past week where he’ll be attending college.

This process got me thinking about all the other parents out there who are empty nesters and might be looking around their houses thinking they don’t need as much space anymore.

You can engage in some of the promises of post-children life. 
If you’re a recent empty nester, is now the time to downsize or should you wait?

Downsizing is something a lot of our clients have gone through recently. We’ve seen people sell their big homes and move into smaller ones, and now they’re ready to take on the world. If you’re young enough, you can enjoy traveling and perhaps engage in some of the other promises of post-children life.

The market is great and home prices are up so if you’re thinking about selling your home and downsizing, we’d love to help with that. Just give us a call and we’d be happy to help.


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