November 15, 2017 | Kelly Fischer

I’d like to spend some time discussing gratitude and what we at the Kelly Fischer Team are grateful for.

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As you’ll see in the video above, my husband and I traveled down to Jamaica to attend a real estate mastermind in order to work with some of the top agents in the country. The goal is to exchange ideas, talk about the market, and discuss what we’re going to do as we move into 2018.

That said, it’s November already, which means that it’s time to express my gratitude to all of you. I’m going to talk a little bit about what we at the Kelly Fischer Team have done this year, and all of the things we’re grateful for.

One thing my husband and I do every morning before we leave the house is pray and give thanks for all of the great things in our lives, as well as all of the trials we face.

We know that the Bible tells us that we will face trials in our lifetimes and that we’re to give thanks for all of them. We do know that anything that happens—good, bad, or indifferent—it’s according to God’s will, and it will be for his glory in the end. Ultimately, we’re grateful for everything.

We’re so, so grateful for each and every one of you that allowed us to participate in your real estate transactions.
Our team has had some challenges this year in the form of health issues and the loss of loved ones. At the same time, we’ve still been blessed to be able to serve over 100 families buying and selling their real estate.

We’re so, so grateful for each and every one of you that allowed us to participate in your real estate transactions and that you continue to trust us with that aspect of your lives.

I also wanted to remind you that it’s important to be grateful because everything that we do, and everything we have, is all good. Even this resort that we’re staying at; we ended up here accidentally, and it turned out not to be the best resort, but I’m still grateful because the view is absolutely gorgeous.

It’s about looking at the glory of God and the beautiful places. What’s to complain about? Sure, this resort isn’t the nicest place in the world, but it could be worse.

Thanks to all of my clients, customers, friends, family, and my team. They are so amazing, dedicated, and hard-working.

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving.

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